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HumanSurge S.L.
  • Humansurge S.l.
TipoStartup País España Startup interesada en Financiación, Talento, Programa de Aceleración
  • HumanSurge S.L.
  • Impacto Social
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  • Fundada en 2015
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  • 5-10 empleados

Within the last decade, the number of people in need of humanitarian relief has risen by 500% to 125 million per year. However, there has not been a proportional increase in allocated funds. This growing gap requires all actors (governments, agencies and non-governmental organizations - NGOs) to become ever more efficient and effective in their use of resources. Early and rapid deployment of qualified Human Resource are key in controlling costs and avoiding additional needs. Importantly each day of delay places the lives and wellbeing of disaster-affected populations at risk. HumanSurge is a Global Humanitarian Roster for remunerated professional responders; shared across organizations through an online platform. Recruiters search with easy selectors unique to the sector, mark profiles as favorites, add to lists and connect in real-time and on-demand. HumanSurge collects data from professionals allowing them to search and filter according to requirements defined by recruiters.

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