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  • Randed
TipoStartup País España Startup interesada en Financiación, Clientes, Alianzas Estratégicas, Visibilidad
  • Randed
  • Seguridad & Defensa
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  • Fundada en 2015
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  • 10-20 empleados

Randed is a develop of a completly new and disruptive technology base on the concept of web isolation, prototyped and tested in 2015, patented and packaged in 2016. The commercialization as a product took place at the beginning of this year 2017, with important references already contrasted. Under this disruptive technology we offered to the client 3 different products that are adapt to the needs that the cliente may have. These 3 products work isolating any information flow between the organization and Internet guaranteed, like our patents collect the same usability of the applications without assume the risks which normally we face it. All this is possible, basically, using advanced techniques of protocol transformation.

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