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  • Sequences.me
TypeStartup Country United Kingdom Startup interested in Strategic Partnerships, Clients, Visibility, Talent, Funding, Accelerator Programme
  • sequences.me
  • Business & Productivity Services
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  • Founded in 2018
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  • 2-5 employees

Sequences.me is an artificial intelligence assistant that help you to warm up prospects and contacts by creating sequences of social interactions and messages triggered by keywords in what they share, fully personalized and relevant You can auto segment your list of existing contacts, upload an existing list to find their social profiles or bookmark anyone in Linkedin to monitor their activity to engage at the right time. - Its much more effective than emailing and fully GDPR compliant. The idea behind is simple; Build your list with prospects already interested in what you are selling and pre-warm the relationship with a cadence of interactions across social channels. With sequences you can set your A.I assistant to monitor a person , a list or your full universe of stakeholders , for days, weeks or months waiting for them to talk abou

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Felix Esteban

Felix Esteban

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