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  • Chaingo Tech
TypeStartup Country Spain Startup interested in Visibility, Funding, Clients, Strategic Partnerships, Talent, Co Working Space
  • Blockchain
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  • Founded in 2017
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  • 5-10 employees

Seaborne trade that represents around 90% of the total world trade still remains a traditional industry and the processes are almost archaic in many cases. Container trading, that represents 60% of the seaborne trade, is one of the most challenging market segments mostly because of the complexity in its value chain which is composed of many actors: importer, exporters, logistics companies, forwarders, consignees, shippers, port authorities, terminals, custom agents and customs. It implies heavier bureaucracy than any other way of transport. The lack of confidence between the parties involved implies that several technological improvements have not been applied. ChainGO’s innovative Blockchain solution will help standardize the fractured shipping process, saving companies hundreds of thousands of euros by optimizing the information commu

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