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  • Amadix
TypeStartup Country Spain Startup interested in Funding, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility, Talent, Management Support, Accelerator Programme
  • Amadix
  • Biotech
  • |
  • Founded in 2010
  • |
  • 10-20 employees

Amadix is a leading molecular diagnostics company focused on developing innovative diagnostic tests for early cancer detection in blood. The mission of the company is saving lives, developing disruptive technologies to detect the tumour a few years in advance, to win the battle against cancer and extend people lives. The company’s products are oriented to non-invasive early cancer detection, avoiding the complications of existing invasive procedures, as tumor biopsies. Colofast, the most advanced product, is a blood-based test for colorectal cancer (CRC) diagnosis, based on a unique combination of cutting-edge biomarkers, which have never been used in CRC as of today (micro-RNAs). It is indicated to screen healthy population 50 to 85 years old, for early detection of the tumour an premalignant lessions. Colofast is expected to be commerci

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