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  • Sense
TypeStartup Country United States Startup interested in Funding, Clients, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility
  • Sense
  • EdTech y MOOCs
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  • Founded in 2016
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  • 5-10 employees

Sense was founded in 2016 on the premise that AI holds the power to resolve this dissonance in education – there is a known ideal but it is not viable. It is known that 1-1 education yields phenomenally better results, but it is not economically possible to build education systems that adhere to this axiom. As AI researchers in bioinformatics, we’ve identified an approach that can be utilized in education to bring this ideal to life. Sense’s platform, using unsupervised machine learning technology, automatically clusters, in a matter of minutes, hundreds or thousands of open-ended submissions into a small number of solution archetypes made up of patterns of work common to the students. The net result amplifies the educator’s ability to provide personal attention and feedback, follow a student’s journey on their own and with peers, and re

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