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I look for a relationships with a Working on Who can help my project via

  • Trato
TypeStartup Country Mexico Startup interested in Funding, Clients, Strategic Partnerships
  • Productivity Services
  • |
  • Founded in 2014
  • |
  • 5-10 employees

We have built a cloud service that eases the contracting process, first, among lawyers and operative areas to prepare the contract, handling revisions and auditing as well as risk attention, and second, negotiation with clients. Our system uses blockchain to register all the history of the contract, recording the true lifecycle of the legal agreements. This way, nothing will be missed since it is printed on rock!

If you have a proposal on some of these areas, we will gladly analyze:

Brunno Noronha

Brunno Noronha

VP Sales

Pilar Palma

Pilar Palma

Customer Success

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