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I look for a relationships with a Working on Who can help my project via

  • Influencity
TypeStartup Country Spain Startup interested in Funding, Clients, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility
  • Influencity
  • Advertising
  • |
  • Founded in 2014
  • |
  • 10-20 employees

We identify influencers in any part of the world and analyze their audiences, demographics, language, interests, etc. Influencity has developed its own technology using big data, machine learning and algorithms capable of indexing and analyzing users from any social network without using any third-party solution, either the related social networks API's. We have created four products: - a search engine with more than 4 million influencers around the world. Allows you to filter by influencer data or by audience demographic. - a network system to analyze influencers and have all their data performance up to date. - an influencer marketing system to run influencer marketing campaigns with customized and automated campaign workflows. - a campaign analytics which allows you to track any campaign in real-time.

If you have a proposal on some of these areas, we will gladly analyze:

Daniel Sánchez

Daniel Sánchez


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