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  • Doinn
TypeStartup Country Portugal Startup interested in Funding, Clients, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility, Talent
  • Doinn
  • Tourism
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  • Founded in 2015
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  • 5-10 employees

Doinn connects short-rental property managers, listing platforms, channel managers, and Property management systems with selected cleaning, laundry and linen rental vendors. Doinn brings added value to Vacation Rental property owners but also to large property management companies (e.g. Hostmaker, Airsorted, Guestready, Bemate, etc) that are looking to grow nationally or internationally with a guarantee that the service will be provided by professional, insured and fully legalised cleaners, thereby standardising the cleaning guest experience. Doinn is available in 90 cities in Spain, Portugal, France and UK and has provided more than 65.000 services. Due to our commitment to the world for a responsible and sustainable way of living as a global community, Doinn fights the cleaners black market.

If you have a proposal on some of these areas, we will gladly analyze:

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