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Hera Health Solutions
  • Hera Health Solutions
TypeStartup Country United States Startup interested in Funding, Technological Support, Strategic Partnerships, Visibility, Talent
  • Hera Health Solutions
  • Biology & Life Sciences
  • |
  • Founded in 2018
  • |
  • 2-5 employees

Offering quality and controlled medication over long periods of time is troublesome and requires invasive procedures. Current solutions on the market make it necessary for an expensive and complicated removal procedure. These procedures often leave behind heavy bruising, scarring, and even lost foreign objects in the body. In 2018 alone, more than a thousands cases have been filed with the FDA, many even being life threatening. Hera Health Solutions’ proprietary bioerodible implants will deliver trusted medications over extended periods of time eliminating the need for invasive follow up procedures, and thus reduce the burden for users, circumvent issues associated with access to removal, and will contribute to lower healthcare costs.

If you have a proposal on some of these areas, we will gladly analyze:

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