Y estas son las Startups seleccionadas entre los participantes de South Summit Alianza del Pacífico

Healthcare & Wellness

Logo Nombre Empresa Pitch País
BePretty Open Table for Beauty Chile
DART by Innovation technology for blindness prevention Chile
Drop World's first automated reducing-sweating device Perú
Fitpal The Netflix of gyms Colombia
MuvPass Latin American ClassPass Chile
SmartFES (Neurotech SpA) Assitive device for dropped foot Chile

Smart Mobility

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Chazki On demand delivery at one click Perú
Cronology eco-friendly, exclusive, revolutionary, cheap México
Ctzen, Inc Results-driven government with real time city info Colombia
GUVERY Bring your shopping with travelers Perú
MUVO Ebike Sharing System Colombia
SimpliRoute Optimizador de rutas de despacho Chile


Logo Nombre Empresa Pitch País
Doopla Technological platform that connects borrowers with investors. We are the lending Uber México
Kuspit Democratization of investments México
Quotanda An Outsourced Student Lending Platform México
SurBTC Bitcoin, Moneytransfer, Investment, Disruptive, Fintech Colombia

Content & Channels

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Decidata We unify multiscreen marketing. México
diloo Convenience in your pocket Perú
Gus Chat Virtual robots that automate customer service México
LEAL Information Based Marketing for Retailers Colombia
Ninjamails Automatize your sales Chile
NoiseGrasp AI-based marketing performance & optimization Chile
suruna Suruna can convert any video site into a smart site like Netflix Perú
Vozy A business communication platform for today’s sales and services. Colombia

Business Solutions

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Acsendo Software for Human Resource Management Colombia
Conectter We streamline the select suppliers process in Large Companies Chile
Eventtia Technology to foster human connections at business events Colombia
Interacpedia Connecting universities courses with organizations Colombia
Nearway Control y gestion personal terreno Chile
PULPO WMS Warehouse Management System in the Cloud Colombia
Spacedat Predictive agriculture software Perú
Tink Referral as a Service Referral as a Service to increase sales with Link Tracking Technology - ROI of WOM Marketing Chile


Logo Nombre Empresa Pitch País
Arrivedo Book Hotels with Neighborhood Experiences Perú
ComunidadFeliz Online Financial solution for buildings & condominiums management. Chile
Homie Long term rentals revolution México Latin American online shopping mall Perú
Social Me Real Time Access to World Class Expert Advice México
Turismoi Global Distribution System for local tour suppliers in LATAM + Spain Perú