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  • Eskesso
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  • Eskesso
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  • Fundada en 2016
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ESKESSO's main goal is to develop a mobile App, a cloud-based online platform and a “sous vide” smart Wi-Fi compatible cooking appliance that together will solve the problem related with the fact the modern lifestyle in big cities does not allow people to eat properly. "Sous vide” is a cooking technique based on keeping a vacuum packed peace of food inside a pot of water at a very stable temperature for a long time. Users choose their dish in their recipe list, prepare the bag with the ingredients or buy it online through Eskesso’s ecommerce platform, put the Eskesso’s cooking appliance and the bag in a pot with water, and go to work. Their smartphone will allow them to control the cooking process while they are out and their meal will ready by the time they arrive home. Eskesso´s mission is to allow any user to easily prepare chef quality meals with little time and effort, and by doing that, become the biggest mobile gourmet cooking community on the Internet.

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