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  • Bnext
TipoStartup País España Startup interesada en Financiación, Alianzas Estratégicas, Visibilidad, Talento
  • Bnext
  • Fintech
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  • Fundada en 2016
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  • 5-10 empleados

Why are you able to choose in all aspects of our life, but not when it comes to your money? If you want to binge-watch TV Shows, Netflix has got thousands. If you're more into music, Spotify has got an infinite offer. Or if you want to buy online, you have it all one-click-away in Amazon. But if you need a loan, or you want to save some money and invest it, the offer is limited to a few products from the same 3 or 4 banks, that oftentimes you don´t understand and most of them you don´t even need. That's why Bnext is here. BNEXT is the first Marketplace bank. A platform where you can have your money deposited, obtain a card to do transactions with it and have a single point of access to all your financial position, regardless of your provider. All the rest of the products (loans, investment, insurance, etc.) will be provided by third parties, FinTechs or traditional banks. BNEXT understands your needs, understands the FinTechs' requirements and provides the best product possible.

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