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  • Mediktor
  • Salud & Tecnología Médica
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  • Fundada en 2015
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When symptoms appear, people suffer anxiety and need to make decisions on what to do next but have no support or guidance at the appropriate moment. Normal reactions include calling our trusted ones, googling our symptoms, run to an Emergency Department or schedule an appointment in a few days which will make a significant impact in our day to day live and that may typically be solved in a 10 minutes conversation. Additionally, in countries with under developed health systems, visiting a Dr. face to face may be close to impossible due to long distances, cost,... To tackle this issue, we have developed MEDIKTOR, the most advanced and accurate AI based mobile solution for pre-diagnose, triage and decision making support. Our level of accuracy of 91.3% is not only the highest in the market but also the only one clinically proved with clinical trials. MEDIKTOR reduces anxiety and prevents unnecessary and costly interventions. An average of 25€ is saved each time MEDIKTOR is used.

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Josep  Carbo

Josep Carbo

Director Global Business Development