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  • H2hydroponics
TipoStartup País España Startup interesada en Financiación, Clientes, Apoyo a la Gestión, Apoyo Tecnológico, Alianzas Estratégicas, Talento
  • AgroTech
  • |
  • Fundada en 2014
  • |
  • 2-5 empleados

We are H2hydroponics, born in 2014, commercial hydroponic experts, inventors of the revolucionary cultivation and irrigation system H2hybrid, a simple and effective system that increses yields while reduce inputs, H2hybrid is the most stable and easy to use system of the market, a scalable product from 0,6 m2 to any size cultivation area. H2hybrid is suitable for commercial scale greenhouse, hobby and vertical farming. We reduce up to, water needed 80%, flow needed 25 %, and electrical inputs 30% compared with most extended systems To date H2 has lounch 3 products, H2NFT, NFT complete system , H2 T-CONTROL controller for irrigation, clima and dosing, making sales in 11 different countries, currently making deployments in UK and Greenland Commerecial hydroponics isn't spreading fast due to difficult to manage systems, lack of system adaptation to customer needs, difficulties to find skilled employies H2 symplify operations with the H2hybrid, customize, & remote services by T-CONTROL.

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