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  • Founded in 2017
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We are a startup company founded in 2017, dedicated to Mental Health treatment and Research. Our team accumulates know-how in Artificial Intelligence, IT, Big Data and Psychiatry among others. We have devised an integral system featuring a telehealth platform to treat mental disorders where patients can find therapists and receive treatment through our secure video system. The platform also features an algorithm, SynAPPse, that analyzes behavior patterns (speech, voice, and other inputs) to detect mental disorders with precision, and at the end of the session patients can access the results. SynAPPse has been scientifically validated and has been proven able do diagnose several mental disorders with upwards of 93% precision. Our objective is to become the leading company in the exciting new field of Precision Psychiatry.

If you have a proposal on some of these areas, we will gladly analyze:

Antonio Vian

Antonio Vian