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Coin Governance System
  • Coin Governance System
TypeStartup Country Spain Startup interested in Strategic Partnerships, Talent, Clients, Visibility
  • Coin Governance System
  • Blockchain
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  • Founded in 2017
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  • 5-10 employees

Initial Coin Offerings have proven an incredible potential to finance projects, but there is an increasing need for governance to protect token buyers from scams or projects that aren’t executing correctly. For this reason, we have developed the Coin Governance System (CGS), a smart contract-based, decentralised protection mechanism. Once an ICO finishes, the funds raised in an ICO are held in escrow by the CGS and released gradually to the ICO sponsor. If ICO token holders disagree with the way the project is being executed, they can open a claim through the Coin Governance System, that may enable them to withdraw the remaining funds. The claims are decided by a decentralised arbiter, made up of CGS token holders who decide to take part in a specific voting. The voting works as a prediction market, where a secret-vote & reveal mechani

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