And these are the selected Startups among the participants of the South Summit 2020

Mobility & Smart Cities

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
AllRead Machine Learning Technologies Allread spots and digitizes text and symbols in challenging operational environments, reaching the higuest accuracy. Spain
Apostera GmbH Our solution merges the virtual and real worlds helping drivers understand in an exact way where to make a maneuver. Germany
Cognicept Cognicept Singapore
DAZETECHNOLOGY SRL ev cherging made simple Italy
Dynamic Infrastructure Maintaining aging infrastructure with the power of AI United States
Kubbo NextGen Urban Fulfillment for eCommerce Spain
MIXMOVE AS B2B SaaS for logistics to increase fill rates and visibility. Norway
Modulous Transforming the way homes are designed and delivered through ML/AI technology & a distributed assembly network to enable fast affordable delivery United Kingdom
NEXT LIMIT High Fidelity Synthetic data simulation platform for perception based autonomous systems (vehicles, drones, robotics, smart cameras) Spain
Zeleros Developing a scalable hyperloop system made in Europe to move at 1000 km/h and 0 direct emissions to expand the limits of mobility. Spain

Travel & Tourism

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Amuse Travel Co., Ltd Smart map for people with disability using machine learning and computer vision South Korea
BeRightBack The world's first travel subscription service United Kingdom
chartOk The future of hotel Internal Collaboration work. Prepare for the cloud Workplace Revolution. Spain
EasyWay Guest Engagement Platform Israel
Komodore A guest management solution for tourist accommodations that automates repetitive tasks and improves the experience throughout the guests’ journey. Spain
OffWeGo OffWeGo is a student-centric risk management solution, increasing travel safety adherence in international education. United States
Road.Travel Travel tech for road trips and connected cars. First movers in introducing road trip packages. Recovery solution for post-Covid local tourism. United Kingdom
Triporate Artificial Intelligence for Business Travel Spain
WeRoad Viajes S.L Travel Tech company organising trips around the world and building communities Italy
Workathlon The Future of Work Now United Kingdom

Fintech & Insurtech

Logo Company Name Pitch Country Digital Insurtech Infrastructure Platform. India
Ctrl Technologies (Pty) Ltd Transform your brokerage into a digital P&C (car and household) insurance advisor within weeks. South Africa
Elma Wherever you are, elma takes care of you Spain
Home Lending Pal The first AI-powered mortgage advisor that predicts likelihood for mortgage approval along with hidden ownership cost during research phase United States We enable insurance providers to sell any insurance product online through any distribution partner. Denmark
SingularCover Small Business insurance re-invented Spain
SPIN Analytics AI Automation in Credit Risk Modeling United Kingdom
Subscription Apps S.L. Subscription Apps S.L. Spain
Ternio Global Banking Platform on Blockchain United States
Toqio Rapidly deploy innovative Business Finance Applications and change the way business banking is delivered for SMEs Spain
Typs Typs gives employees real-time access to their salaries, anytime, anywhere. Spain
Wirex UK FCA-licenced global digital payment platform with 3 million users worldwide United Kingdom

Health & Wellbeing

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
ClexBio Microtechnology enabling life Norway
iLoF - Intelligent Lab on Fiber iLoF is enabling a new era of personalized medicine, by using AI and photonics to build a cloud-based library of diseases biomarkers. United Kingdom
Medicsen Needle-free Smartpatch for painless drug delivery through the skin Spain
MediQuo A hospital in your pocket Spain
MJN Neuroserveis Epilepsy Seizure Prediction Spain
Nanosynex Nanosynex Israel
Navega Therapeutics Next Generation Pain Management United States
Nourished The world's first truly personalised nutrition product. United Kingdom
VeritaCell Accelerating skin regeneration Latvia
xbird AI based personalization of diabetes therapy Germany
Zylö Therapeutics Zylö converts ordinary products into game-changers United States

Energy & Sustainability

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Biosolvit Soluções em Biotecnologia Aplicada SA. The most effective oil absorber in the world! Efficient, natural and faster, it is the only one that allow the reuse of absorbed oil. Brazil
Computomics GmbH We use machine learning to help breed plants in a changing climate Germany
EH Group Energy EH Group Engineering AG Switzerland
Enerbrain plug&play IoT kit with AI, to improve energy management in buildings Italy
envelio GmbH Digital transformation of electricty grids Germany
Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions S.L. Energy storage and energy management solutions for the new generation of smart grids, optimizing the perfomance of grid assets Spain
Mi Terro The world's only biotech that rescues food waste and turns it into sustainable protein fibers which can be used for fashion, medical, and packaging. United States
Naturbeads Natural biodegradable cellulose beads United Kingdom
Poliloop Inc. Our bacterial degradation technology can 100% biodegrade oil-based, mixed plastic waste and transform it into biomass with composting potential. United States
Recytrust P.C. Recytrust enables Smart waste management for sustainable businesses & certified collectors Greece
Submer NextGen Datacenters Disrupting the Datacenter Industry & Internet Infrastructure. Highly Efficient, Eco-Friendly and Ultra-Dense Datacenters. Spain


Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Blox Intelligent Flexible Curricula Brazil
BODYSWAPS Delivering Effective Soft Skills Training at Scale United Kingdom Voice-based AI English tutor for kids United States
Gamelearn The #1 video game learning platform Spain
Poliglota The Social Method for learning language Chile
Smartest Learning AG Smartest automatically turns your study material into interactive quizzes Switzerland
StackFuel GmbH Data Training for Professionals Germany
StudentFinance Empowering the Global Reskilling through Income Share agreements Spain
TOMi The unique online content platform for 1.5 billion k12 students without internet access in their classrooms. Colombia
  ZAPIENS Technologies ZAPIENS connects people and knowledge with human-centric Artificial Intelligence systems Spain

Consumer Trends

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Anything World Say anything. See anything. Play anything.™ United Kingdom
Casum The smart way to buy a house when you don’t have access to a mortgage Spain
Cloudware SL NWARE. Play Any Game Anywhere. Spain
CubiCasa The most efficient way to acquire property interior Finland
Dixper Making Live Game Streaming Interactive Spain
eGoGames European leader in mobile and Social eSports gaming competition Spain
Material Exchange Digitally and sustainably transforming the material selection process for fashion brands and retailers. Sweden
Nilus Affordable and healthy food markets for low income people Argentina
ShopAdvizor First collaborative community for the consumer goods that interconnects consumers, brands and retailers needs Spain
Sons of a Bit SL The Youtube of Augmented Reality Adventures and Games Spain

Connectivity & Data

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Aircision Powering connecting through wireless optical communication systems Netherlands
Alias Robotics Cybersecurity for Robotics Spain
Alteria Automation SL High Tech Smart Sensors for Industrial Predictive Maintenance that works! Spain
Calyo Next-generation 'sound' vision perception United Kingdom
Gataca Decentralized Digital Identity Technology Spain
LexSet LexSet United States
Neuron soundware We protect machines by analysing sound Czech Republic
ObjectBox ObjectBox empowers sustainable edge computing in IoT and Mobile with a reliable, high performance edge database and data synchronization solution. Germany
Reloadly Accelerating mobile connectivity for 5 billion mobile users in emerging countries Spain
Rookout Rookout Israel
Taiger We are specialized in NLP and AI-engineered information access and extraction solutions that exploit the meaning of structured and unstructured info. Singapore

Future of Business

Logo Company Name Pitch Country
Allganize Cognitive document search and help desk automation for the large enterprise United States
Beatdapp Solving a $4B Problem for the Music Industry Canada
Bounsel The Contract Collaboration Platform | Making Legal a Delightful Experience Spain
Chattigo Omnichannel SaaS Platform that enhances customer services through AI Analytics and ChatBots Chile
Entire Digital Dynamic data-driven application platform for media outlets and every online business Italy
Intelistyle Intelistyle personalises the customer experience of fashion retailers by using AI to style their customers with the right clothes and outfits. United Kingdom
Klaud9 Klaud9 connects photographers with brands through AI worldwide in 24 hours. Spain
KUDO Language-as-a-Service Platform providing live translation for web conferencing and live events United States
Personify XP We automate digital experiences for anonymous website shoppers creating a new 10% revenue opportunity. United Kingdom Germany
Talkpush Every hire starts with a conversation! Hong Kong SAR China